RED SOFT started placing the first exchange bond issue under a new program

June 16, 2020 Moscow Exchange has registered the bonds issue RED SOFT series 002R-01 and listed them in the " Third level" section of the Securities Admitted to Trading Register, as reported by the Exchange. The program amounts to 1 billion rubles and its term of validity is 15 years, with an option to place bonds for up to 5 years.

Today, June 18, 2020, the public placement of the first bond issue under this program for 100 million rubles will start: investors will be able to buy RED SOFT bonds with a coupon yield of 12.5% (coupon is paid 4 times a year) and a three-year maturity.

The first RED SOFT bond program of up to RUB 200 million with a maturity of up to 3 years was registered in March 2018. Two bond issues worth RUB 100 million each were placed under this program, while the first of them was redeemed in early May this year.

"Timely delivery of financial commitments by RED SOFT is a strong indicator. Under the first program issues, we raised funds for product line development, which not only ensured progress in development, but also increased sales. Investors received the expected revenue in full. This successful experience allowed us to register a new bond program with a total par value of 1 billion rubles. Such a step is first and foremost conditioned by the company's long-term plans in the field of domestic software development, as well as its intention to increase the credit of trust", Maxim Anisimov, RED SOFT CEO,