RED SOFT is a Russian developer of information management systems, based on the open source software. Red Soft team was formed in 2006 by a group of Russian professionals with more than 10 years of productive experience in implementing large-scale projects for the development, implementation and support of application and system software in the Russian Federation and abroad. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide, on the territory of the Russian federation, design, development and maintenance of system software based on open source, including industrial database management systems (DBMS), data warehousing systems and knowledge management systems.


RED SOFT is a member of the Software Design Association "Otechestvennyj soft" ("Domestic software") (see. Http://www.arppsoft.ru/association/members/6287/) and the Military industrial complex of the Russian Federation Coordination Council for the Information Technology (see. Http: //www.xn--h1aelen.xn--p1ai/ksitopk)