RED OS operating system is compatible with "Aladdin R.D." products

Within the framework of the technological partnership, RED SOFT and Aladdin R.D. conducted compatibility tests for their products. The developers have confirmed the correctness of JaCarta Management System (JMS), JaCarta Software package version 1.5 and SecurLogon Software package designed to protect confidential information, including personal data in commercial structures, public authorities and industrial enterprises with RED OS operating system (manufactured by RED SOFT). The test results are reflected in the bilateral compatibility certificate.

JaCarta Management System (JMS) is an authentication management software tool that performs identification and authentication functions, access control and security event logging.

JaCarta Software package version 1.5 is a software tool for data protection against unauthorized access and has the functions of Personal Data Protection in accordance with the orders of FSTEC of Russia.

SecurLogon software package is designed to provide strong two-factor authentication of information system users and/or individual dedicated workplaces under the RED OS operating system. The package provides centralized configuration and implementation of strict two-factor authentication via easy-to-use graphical tools, as well as customizable OS login policies for both domain and local user accounts.

"RED SOFT and Aladdin R.D. are actively cooperating, conducting regular compatibility tests for our products. Current tests confirm the correct operation of Aladdin R.D. software packages under our operating system, thus allowing us to talk about new joint projects", Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, comments.

"Cooperation with RED SOFT allowed us to create solutions on the basis of domestic OS at a much more advanced technological level than those based on western OS manufacturers. This is facilitated by the Open source code, absence of obstacles in the use of modern approaches and technologies, high competence and, most importantly, close contact between OS and security solutions Aladdin R.D. developers. All this allows us to help government and commercial companies to solve complicated tasks imposed by difficult times with maximum quality and productivity, as well as to achieve results that are much more significant than those based on Western operating systems. With great pride and confidence I can state that the joint solutions being created in many areas are significantly ahead of Western developments in terms of functionality and even more so in terms of security, and this inspires hope for rapid development and penetration of domestic technologies not only on domestic, but also on international markets", Sergey Shalimov, Head of Technology Partners, Aladdin R.D., said.