Increasing the level of technological independence: RED OS compatibility with SILA SR2-5422 server is confirmed

Within the framework of the agreement on technological cooperation RED SOFT and SILA have carried out tests on the compatibility of the RED OS with the SILA SR2-5422 server.

As a result of the tests, RED OS proved to work correctly on the SILA SR2-5422 computing platform.

The products are recommended for joint use. The SILA SR2-5422 server was included in the Unified Register of Russian Radioelectronic Products of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

RED OS is a Russian Linux family operating system for servers and workstations, which provides a universal environment for the use of application software. The product is certified by FSTEC of Russia (#4060 from 12.01.2019), which confirms its compliance with information security requirements and allows its use in government information systems. RED OS is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (№3751).

Earlier the developers also confirmed compatibility of RED OS with SILA computing platforms of SR1 and SR2 series.

"RED SOFT's priority is to create ready-to-use hardware and software systems meeting all market requirements and import substitution policy. RED OS is a universal environment for use of a large number of Russian software and works perfectly with a wide range of hardware. Together with the SILA server we have made another high-level import-independent tehnostack. We thank our colleagues for the cooperation!" - Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, commented.