VideoMost and RED OS solution now available on Baikal-M processor

Russian developers SPIRIT and RED SOFT have confirmed the interoperability of the VideoMost video conferencing system and RED OS operating system on the computing platform with the Baikal-M processor, produced by the Russian company Baikal Electronics. The work is aimed at the development of a sanction-resistant technostack.

VideoMost is a product for unified communications, a corporate messenger with videoconferencing, which provides compatibility with office hardware and software communications systems by supporting almost all popular global communications standards and open protocols. The VideoMost server is being installed in the infrastructure of the organization and is under full control of the customer. This eliminates the risks of unauthorized access, which are inevitably present when using cloud software from foreign vendors. The product is included in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases (No. 952).

RED OS is a Russian Linux family operating system for servers and workstations, which provides a universal environment for using application software. The product is certified by FSTEC of Russia (No. 4060 dated January 12, 2019), which confirms its compliance with information security requirements and allows its use in government information systems. RED OS is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (No. 3751).

"Implementation of the information technology import substitution program requires development of end-to-end projects, so domestic software must work correctly on domestic hardware. Earlier we confirmed VideoMost compatibility with RED OS. This time we had a task to make sure that the solution operates correctly on the equipment with Baikal-M processor. Successful testing allows us to offer more sanction-resistant solutions to the market", Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, commented.

"VideoMost video conferencing server runs on different versions of Linux operating systems, including RED OS. VideoMost provides videoconferencing and collaboration tools for PCs and mobile devices and is fully suitable for replacing foreign videoconferencing products both independently and as part of stacks with other domestic software and hardware solutions, as was once again confirmed during testing with RED OS and Baykal-M processors"- Andrey Sviridenko, Chairman of SPIRIT and VideoMost, commented.