STC-Innovation and RED SOFT confirmed the compatibility of their products

Within the framework of the existing technology partnership, "STC-Innovations" and "RED SOFT", Russian IT manufacturers, conducted a number of tests for the compatibility of their software. The tests confirmed the possibility of joint operation and correctness of functioning of the omnichannel platform for creating interactive solutions ChatNavigator (by STC-innovation) under the Russian operating system RED OS (by RED SOFT).

ChatNavigator provides the functionality of a natural dialogue in text and voice channels of service: identifying themes of interaction, clarifying information, supporting the context of the dialogue, processing user input. The system is equipped with development tools, testing and running scripts, analyzing and marking dialogs, and reports on the quality of service. The platform supports the possibility of local and cloud installation, as well as API connections to the existing infrastructure and direct integration into external IS (REST API, JSON, XML) without the vendor's involvement.

RED OS is a multi-user, multi-tasking operating system based on the Linux kernel and RPM package base, running on a wide range of hardware platforms, servers and workstations, providing a universal environment for the applications. RED OS is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia (No. 3751). Corresponds to the information security requirements for the protection profile of "A" type operating systems of the fourth class of IT protection ИТ.ОС.А4.ПЗ, approved by the order No. 119 of FSTEC of Russia dated August 19, 2016.

"The successful results of testing of ChatNavigator under the RED OS will create a reliable import-independent chain that can be integrated into the systems of public and private institutions. Thus, as part of the import substitution policy, it is planned to replace foreign solutions with domestic ones, which are not inferior in terms of convenience and efficiency, "Rustam Rustamov, RED SOFT Deputy CEO, commented.

"Today, domestic IT companies create reliable competitive solutions at different levels - from operating systems to applications. And they are attractive not only in line with the policy of import substitution, but also due to their functionality and cost," Dmitry Dyrmovsky, STC CEO added. - An important factor when choosing software is the ease of its integration with other elements of the IT infrastructure. The tests of ChatNavigator and RED OS once again proved the full consistency of our solutions in this respect as well."

Both companies are active members of the Association of Software Developers "Domestic Soft" and are interested in expanding the software environment both as own developments and joint solutions.

Extra detail:

STC is a group of IT companies, focused on the design, development and implementation of solutions in the field of speech synthesis and recognition technologies, multimodal biometrics, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, audio and video information analysis, and multimodal biometrics. The company is one of the key scientific leaders in a number of segments of the world market. Today, STC products and technologies are sold in 74 countries around the world.