RED SOFT software compatibility with the Russian Java runtime environment has been confirmed

RED SOFT and BellSoft have completed testing of the Russian Java LibericaJDK runtime environment with the RED OS operating system and Red Database DBMS. The results showed full compatibility and are reflected in bilateral certificates, which allows us to recommend the joint use of the RED SOFT operating system and database with LibericaJDK middleware.

RED SOFT creates and implements integrated projects in the field of data storage and management on the basis of its own technological stack. The company's products - the operating system RED OS (Linux family) and the Red Database DBMS - fully comply with the legislative requirements for information security and can be used in government information systems and personal data information systems up to and including class 1, which is confirmed by certificates of the FSTEC of Russia. Both solurions are registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and Databases of the Ministry of Communications of Russia.

Liberica JDK is a Java SE application development and launch environment included in the Russian software registry. OpenJDK is an open source software product designed for an extended set of platforms, including the JVM runtime, Mission Control, and Flight Recorder. It is produced and supported by the Russian company BellSoft, which is in the Top 5 most active members of the OpenJDK community, together with Oracle, RedHat, SAP and Google, which allows BellSoft to be positioned as one of the world leaders developing Java. All distributions are verified for compliance with the Java SE standard and the only ones in Russia are licensed by Oracle for the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK).

“We are purposefully building a technological partnership with Russian software developers in order to offer the market comprehensive import-independent solutions. Together with colleagues from BellSoft, we are ready to present potential customers a safe and certified platform for working with Java applications that fully meets the requirements of import substitution”, Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, comments.

“We are pleased to expand our partnership with RED SOFT. Our strategy is to support all popular platforms, both in the world and in Russia. We are systematically expanding the capabilities of Liberica JDK and investing in test work for compatibility with leading Russian OS and DBMS manufacturers so that developers and users of Java applications in Russia can be sure that they will receive the necessary level of quality, competencies and technical support that meets the requirements of digital sovereignty” - Alexander Belokrylov, BellSoft CEO, emphasized.