RED SOFT is a participant of "Digital Transformation of Public Administration" conference

February 6 to 9, 2020, the 9th Russian-wide conference on effective technologies of public administration "Digital Transformation of Public Administration" was held in Belgorod, where RED SOFT took part. On behalf of the company, Rustam Rustamov, deputy CEO, made a report on “Domestic Operating System as the Basis of Import Substitution in the Government bodies of the Russian Federation”.

The purpose of the conference is the sharing of best practices in the field of informatization of public finance management systems and the construction of an effective IT infrastructure in the region. Among the main topics are:

- target infrastructure of the Digital Region;
- a unified system of data storage and management in the region;
- information security;
- import substitution;
- steering of national projects at the federal and regional levels;
- further development of the contract system and the information system in the field of procurement;
- interaction of regional information systems with a single portal of the budget system of the Russian Federation within the framework of Order of the Ministry of Finance of Russia, No. 243n, dated 12.28.2016;
- new features of the AZK product line;
- digitalization of energy companies / digital think tanks;
- cybersecurity of energy sector;
- import substitution in the holding, etc.

RED SOFT thanks the Department of Finance of the Belgorod Region, the Department of Information Technologies of the Belgorod Region and the BFT company for the invitation to the event!