RED SOFT and TSIFRA released RED TSIFRA hardware and software system

At the end of October 2020, within the framework of the import substitution program, RED SOFT and CIFRA completed the development of co-product "RED TSIFRA", hardware and software system (HSS).

The main task of any IT infrastructure is to ensure fault-tolerant running of the target applications and services: - Basic information services (domain controller, mail service, ACS, backup system, IT Service Management, file storage; - Custom applications (payment systems, accounting systems, HR management systems, CRM systems, ERP systems, portal and electronic document management systems; - Information security services.

RED TSIFRA HSS is a system designed to provide various tasks of enterprises or offices, small and medium size. It is a ready-made solution that includes both hardware and software components, engineering infrastructure, and products that provide information security. RED TSIFRA HSS can become both a complete basis of IT infrastructure of any customer and an integral part of it as a result of modernization and/or expansion. HSS configuration is determined according to the following main parameters: number of processor cores, RAM volume, data storage volume, required set of services, IS requirements.

"High-quality interaction of domestic developers is extremely important for the growth of the Russian IT market, first of all, because it allows to create integrated solutions to meet customer requirements. In this sense, together with our colleagues from TSIFRA we were able to develop a new product that is capable of performing a wide range of tasks while ensuring both efficiency and functionality", - Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, comments.

"Every day we face new challenges associated with changes in the structure of interaction between all participants in business processes, at any stage. Today we understand that a decision we made a year ago to invest maximum resources in the development of scalable turnkey solutions was a right one. We continue to enhance our competencies and develop projects. We thank RED SOFT for its high professionalism and efficiency in solving any non-trivial tasks", - summed up Vladimir Krupitsky, TSIFRA CEO.

The portfolio of TSIFRA hardware solutions is expanding in line with the needs of our market. The Company actively cooperates with Russian developers and enterprises.

The main mission of RED SOFT is to create conditions for improving the quality of life of citizens of the Russian Federation through the implementation of the innovative potential of individuals, staff members and society in the areas of import substitution of information technology, improvement and development of management system by using IT facilities.