RED OS will be installed on Huawei servers

Huawei and RED SOFT have signed a technology cooperation agreement. Company experts have tested the compatibility of their flagship products. Positive test results will allow developers to offer joint solutions to the Russian market. The basis of the integrated solution of Huawei and RED SOFT will be Taishan 200 servers (model 2280) and the Russian import-independent operating system RED OS. Product compatibility is confirmed by a bilateral certificate, signed within the framework of the RED SOFT affiliate program.

Huawei TaiShan 200 Server (model 2280) houses Huawei Kunpeng 920 processors based on ARMv8 architecture. The TaiShan 200 server is designed for data centers. Its balanced model 2280 is a dual-processor, 2U rack-mount server. The TaiShan 200 Server is a high-performance, low-power server with simple management and easy deployment. It is also ideal for the Internet, distributed storage, cloud computing, working with Big Data and enterprise services.

RED OS is a Russian, Linux-family, general-purpose operating system for servers and workstations. The product is certified by FSTEC of Russia (Cert. No. 4060, dated January 12, 2019), which confirms its compliance with the requirements of information security and allows its use for Government information systems and Personal Data systems up to 1 class inclusively. The RED OS is registered in the Unified Register of Russian software and databases of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia (reg. No. 3751).

“Within the framework of this project, RED SOFT and Huawei offer the customer a new solution based on the RED OS operating system and the TaiShan server, which, of course, can be interesting for organizations of various profiles. Moreover, cooperation with an international company of this level will allow RED SOFT not only to increase competitiveness, but also to master new competencies”, Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, comments.

“Huawei in Russia is successfully developing a partner ecosystem of its Taishan servers based on its own Kunpeng ARM processors. We are pleased to offer our customers our Taishan servers with support for the RED OS operating system by RED SOFT. Huawei plans to develop cooperation with RED SOFT in the field of creating joint software and hardware solutions for a wide range of customers”, Yu Li, director of the department of intelligent computing systems of Huawei in Russia, comments.