New version of RedDatabase 3.0.9 has been released.

The most significant changes are:


* A "verbose" option has been added to the replication configuration to log detailed information about asynchronous replication operation. RS-70819.

* LDAP error diagnostics have been improved.

* The stability of gfix is improved. RS-71591.


* DefaultDbCachePages default value increased to 1024 for Classic/SuperClassic and to 32768 for Super RS-69307

* Now you do not have to specify option -B O[VERWRITE] in gbak when backing up to FIFO RS-43334

* Temporary tables file is now deleted immediately after closing connections which used temporary tables RS-67781

* Maximum length of ISQL error text increased to 8192 characters. RS-71232.

* Default length of context variables is increased to 8192 characters. RS-71426.


* Ability to connect to ActiveDirectory with an "as is" user name (bind method) without using a service account (LDAPUserDn). RS-71303.

* New LDAPDomain parameter in firebird.conf that allows setting the domain for user authentication in ActiveDirectory and the base for user lookups. RS-71303.

* GSTAT outputs the transaction difference, which determines whether garbage collection is needed RS-56624

* "rotate_log" parameter in trace to rotate log when it reaches "max_log_size" RS-66090

* Support for locking users in Legacy Authentication RS-67826 Note: security database update from previous versions 3.0 with security_database_3.0.9.sql script

* Ability to change COLLATE for "ALTER TABLE

ALTER COLLATE " field RS-67405 * Different connections can now use different temporary table files to reduce their sprawl (SeparateTempTableFiles parameter in firebird.conf) RS-67781

FBJava has been updated to 1.1.18:

* ASM library required for indexing files stored in BLOBs has been added to the distribution. RS-82611.

* Jaybird driver updated to version 3.0.31. RS-74811.

* Unused jna-platform-4.5.0.jar and xml-apis-1.0.b2.jar libraries were removed from the distribution. RS-74811.

* Fixed passing an exception to the client when initializing the JVM

* Debug symbols for FBJava have been added to the distribution. RS-71111.

* Blank lines are not printed to stdout and stderr when it's disabled by "disable_output" option RS-66433

* The existence of configuration file is checked before reading options RS-67445

* Remove libraries not used by plugin RS-68297

See full list of changes on the download pages: