IBS and RED SOFT presented a fully compatible Russian technological stack based on RED OS and Skala-R

RED SOFT and IBS have completed product compatibility testing: the RED OS operating system and the Scala-R hyperconvergent infrastructure. The mentioned Russian technological stack will allow customers to quickly deploy a platform for corporate applications with full protection against sanction risks, without the need for independent testing of components for compatibility.

“The selection of high-quality Russian technologies is an important task for a number of companies in connection with the import substitution theme. By testing Russian systems and applications for compatibility with the Skala-R hyperconvergent infrastructure, we are developing an ecosystem in which government agencies and business structures can quickly select fully functional, reliable and fully sanction-resistant solutions, depending on their needs. In particular, a bunch of RED OS products with Skala-R is a platform for a wide range of enterprise-level tasks, and its uninterrupted work is confirmed by an official conclusion on successful testing”, Svyatoslav Sorokin, director of the Skala-R product, said.

“RED SOFT places great emphasis on confirming compatibility of its products with products of other Russian developers. I am sure that the high level of professionalism of our colleagues will allow us to achieve good results”, Rustam Rustamov, deputy RED SOFT CEO, commented.

The Scala-R Hyper-Converged Infrastructure is a complete data center solution that combines computing resources, storage, a high-speed data network, virtualization, management, monitoring, and information security software in one package. It is a fault-tolerant, horizontal-scalable solution that has been proven effective in small organizations as well as in large data centers. Scala-R can replace the entire inherited IT infrastructure of the organization, to form the basis for VDI, a separate information system or DevOps.

RED SOFT is a Russian IT solutions and services developer and supplier. The company carries out comprehensive projects in the field of data storage and management based on its own technological stack. OS RED is a multi-user, multi-tasking general-purpose operating system for servers and workstations, providing a universal environment for using application software. The product has the certificate of FSTEC of Russia (No. 4060, dated January 12, 2019), which confirms its compliance with the requirements of information security and allows its use in government information systems. OS RED is registered in the Unified Register of Russian Software and databases of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia.