FSTEC of Russia has conducted an assessment of Evaluation Assurance Level and confirmed the certificate of the Red Database DBMS

According to the results of tests of the information protection tools conformity to the requirements to the Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL), the FSTEC of Russia made a positive conclusion and reissued a certificate of conformity for the information protection tool Red Database DBMS (№ 2729 until October 8, 2023).

Besides that, in accordance with Chapter IV of the EAL Requirements related to the information protection tools, tests were conducted to reveal vulnerabilities and undeclared features of the product. RED SOFT has made a number of functional improvements to the product and eliminated the defects detected.

Today, the RED Database DBMS is compliant with the EAL 4 according to the "Requirements for information security, establishing Evaluation assurance levels for the technical protection of information tools and for the tools providing security of information technologies", approved by the Order of the FSTEC of Russia No. 131 of July 30, 2018, which confirms the feasibility of using the product on the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII) objects of the category 1, in the Government Information Systems (GIS) of the 1st class of protection, in the Personal data information systems where the 1st class of protection is required and in the 2nd class information systems of common use.