FORS Training Center is authorized by RED SOFT

FORS Training Center (FORS Group) was granted the status of an authorized training center of RED SOFT, a Russian developer and provider of IT solutions and services. The FORS Training Center offers 4 courses for RED OS administrators with a total duration of 128 study hours. In the near future it is planned to start the Red Database DBMS course.

At the moment, users and RED OS administrators can take the following courses:
- Basic administration, RS-101;
- RED OS network administration, RS-102;
- advanced RED OS administration, RS-103;
- bash scripts course for RED OS, RS-104.

The teachers of FORCE CLC, due to their extensive experience in developing training manuals on Russian operating systems, will not only be engaged in training, but will also be actively involved in the development of training and methodological materials.

Already on July 20, the Training Center will welcome the first students in a classroom format. This direction will be fully reopened in autumn. At the same time, there will still be an online and mixed form of training.

"We are consistently increasing our expertise in import substitution products and technologies. Now our training services portfolio has been supplemented by a training course on administration of the Russian operating system RED OS", Dmitry Romanov, director of the FORS Training Center, says. - The pandemic has had a serious impact on our business, and we have completely switched to online training, bringing its quality to almost perfect. However, practice has shown that it will never replace classroom training, live contact with teachers and colleagues. People are waiting for face-to-face training. And we are very happy that in the very near future, this month already, we will give them this opportunity.

"The demand for domestic importindependent products is steadily growing in Russia. This means that training on them becomes more relevant than ever. RED SOFT, together with the FORS Training Centre, provides a high level of services to train specialists to work with RED OS. Qualified teaching staff and expertly prepared course will ensure "painless" transition to domestic software", Rustam Rustamov, Deputy RED SOFT CEO, comments.