ESMART® Token is Certified for RED OS

ESMART® Token 64k and ESMART® Token GOST, developed and manufactured in Zelenograd by the ISBC Group, have been certified for compatibility with the Russian operating system RED OS. The integration of Russian IT products will ensure import substitution and the creation of guaranteed safe software and hardware solutions for government and corporate customers.

RED OS is a Russian, Linux-family, general-purpose operating system for servers and workstations. The product is certified by FSTEC of Russia (Cert. No. 4060, dated January 12, 2019), which confirms its compliance with the requirements of information security and allows its use for Government information systems and Personal Data systems up to 1 class inclusively. The RED OS is registered in the Unified Register of Russian software and databases of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia (reg. No. 3751).

ESMART® Token 64k is a certified key carrier designed for strong multi-factor authentication of users in corporate systems, secure storage of key containers of cryptographic information protection tools, profiles, passwords and digital user certificates. The product is certified by FSTEC to meet the NDV4 class. ESMART® PKI Client software enables you to perform a wide range of operations with smart cards and USB keys.

ESMART® Token GOST is a cryptographic information protection tool having hardware support of Russian cryptographic algorithms, that meets the requirements of the Russian Federal Security Service for cryptographic tools of KS1 / KS2 / KS3 classes, the requirements for electronic signature tools approved by the Federal Security Service order No. 796 and can be used for cryptographic protection of information, not containing information constituting a state secret. It is intended for authentication and storage of qualified digital signature, protection of information from unauthorized access and other information security solutions.

The secure controller integrated in the ESMART® Token GOST provides protection form SPA, DPA, DFA types of attack. The presence of tamper, light, impulse noise, voltage, temperature sensors, as well as hardware integrity control and the ability to quickly erase EEPROM reliably protect key information from attempts to open the chip and unauthorized access. According to a comparative analysis of, ESMART Token GOST is the only certified cryptographic information protection tool, based on a domestic chip.

“Using ESMART Token key carriers with RED OS creates a secure environment for information systems. The fruitful results of the partnership with ISBC Group and the growing demand to domestic products allows us to offer the market proven integrated solutions in the field of information security”, Rustam Rustamov, Deputy EDFT SOFT CEO, comments.

“The ISBC Group together with RED SOFT created a unified system based on domestic solutions that ensures the security of IT infrastructure. Integration of RED OS with ESMART® Token GOST, created on the base of the domestic MIK 51 chip manufactured by "Mikron" PJSK, will ensure the absence of software and hardware backdoors. The use of RED SOFT and ISBC products will facilitate fulfilling the requirements of the regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation to protect information from unauthorized access”, Sergey Panov, CEO of AT Bureau LLC, a member of the ISBC Group, said.