A decision on the date of commencement of placement of exchange bonds

Today (May 8, 2019) it was decided to start the placement of exchange-traded documentary interest non-convertible bearer bonds with mandatory centralized storage of the 001P-02 series, placed by open subscription under the program of exchange-traded bonds of the 001P series, which has identification number 4-00372-R-001P-02E of March 30, 2018, assigned by PJSC Moscow Exchange (hereinafter referred to as Exchange Traded Bonds). As a matter of the issue, 100,000 (One hundred thousand) bonds with a par value of 1,000 (one thousand) rubles each will be placed. Starting from the 2nd (Second) day of placement of Exchange-traded bonds, the buyer, when acquiring Exchange-traded bonds, also pays the accrued coupon yield (NKD) on the Exchange-traded bonds calculated by the formula: ACI = Cj * Nom * (T –T (j -1)) / 365/100%, where j is the serial number of the coupon period, j = 1, ... m; m is the number of coupon periods determined by the Terms of Issue; NKD - accrued coupon income in Russian rubles; Nom - the outstanding part of the nominal value of one Exchange bond in Russian rubles; Cj is the interest rate of the j-th coupon, in percent per annum; T (j -1) - the start date of the j-th coupon period (for the case of the first coupon period T (j-1) is the start date of the placement of the Exchange bonds); T is the date of calculating the accrued coupon income within the j coupon period. ACI is calculated up to the second decimal place (the second decimal point is rounded according to the rules of mathematical rounding: if the third decimal is greater than or equal to 5, the second decimal is increased by one, if the third decimal is less than 5, the second decimal point does not change). The identification number assigned to the securities issue and the date of its assignment: 4B02-02-00372-R-001P dated December 13, 2018. Starting date: May 16, 2019. The start date of placement may be changed subject to the publication of information about this in the news feed and on the Internet page no later than one day before the date of the start of the placement of the securities published in the specified message. The end date for the placement of Exchange Traded Bonds is the earliest of the following dates: a) the 180th (One hundred and eightieth) day from the date of the commencement of the placement of exchange bonds; b) the date of placement of the last Exchange bond issue.